Power BI 2.0 available for free without an Office 365 subscription on July 24th

On July 10th, Microsoft officials unveiled the general availability for Power BI 2.0, along with updates to Power BI Designer (now aptly renamed Power BI Desktop).


Using PowerBI will no longer require an Office 365 Subscription. Instead, you can register for PowerBI on their website. Microsoft provides  2 two registration options. A free, smaller data capacity, and a $9.99/user/month, bigger data, live & collaboration option. You can see the difference on the PowerBI pricing page.  

For more release information you can see the official Microsoft Blog

What does this mean to you as a Dynamics CRM User?

Watch this short video with new Customization features of PowerBI for your Personal Dash board

PowerBI is available on Desktop as well as your Phone/Tablets through the Microsoft Store, Apple AppStore for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.


Get Better Visual Analytics and live Dashboards

To find out more features do not hesitate to reach out so our team can show you how your business can best understand the features and usage of Power BI 2.0 and better analyze your Dynamics CRM data.