Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Spring Update – Social Listening

Spring has been here for over 1 month already. With spring comes the opportunity of a new beginning, of a clean slate (hence the spring cleanings). After the difficult weather, we welcome some great news.
In comes the Dynamics CRM 2013 Spring (Q2) Update.
This update is a big one. No less than 3 new Services are included and these can alter the way you do Marketing, Customer Care and manage your Social Media presence.
We will describe the Microsoft Social Listening component on this blog. Keep an eye out for following blog posts regarding Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics Customer Care.

What is Microsoft Social Listening?

Social Media, and more precisely our use of it, has completely changed how we find information and communicate. People today are more likely to get information from friends, or business acquaintances, than ever. That information shapes our decisions and our lives.

Here are some statistics that point to this phenomenon:

  • Customers are 60% of the way through the sales cycle before they contact you.
  • 75% of B2B customers are likely to use social media to influence their purchase decisions.
  • 40% of customers complain about products or services on social media.
  • 73% of salespeople who use social selling techniques outperform their sales peers.

Given these statistics, it makes sense to manage and use social media to increase overall customer happiness and sales efforts.
To support that, Microsoft created Microsoft Social Listening, a powerful social listening and analytics service that your enterprise can use to monitor and update Twitter, Facebook and others social media outlets.

Benefits of Microsoft Social Listening?

For Sales & Marketing:

  • Generate leads from Social media.
  • Gain important insight about the competition, what people are saying about them, and the general sentiment.
  • Manage your brand and product sentiment.
  • Monitor how your campaigns are evolving on the social media landscape – how your marketing message is rippling through the web.

For Service (customer care):

  • Receive Real-Time alerts regarding customer issues.
  • Respond to customers and resolve their issues across the social web.
  • Track posts through Dynamics CRM.

For everyone:

  • Customize searches for any keyword or topic.
  • Native Language Sentiment Analysis.
  • The User Interface looks just like Dynamics CRM.
  • Accessible through O365 platform Cloud based service.
  • Interactive visual analytics and dashboards for easy analysis.

With 1.4 Billion users on Facebook, and 5,000 Tweets a second on Twitter, Social Media conversations need to be taken seriously, and can promote business development.
Get in touch with us and let’s see how we may be able to support you in growing your business and managing your Social Media Presence.