Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Spring Update - Customer Service

With the Q2 2014 update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft enhanced the feature set of the already existing Customer Service capability of Dynamics CRM. On this blog, I’ll describe some of the new features as well as a new tie in with Parature and how it may support your end user’s needs.

Unified Service Desk

One of the most significant improvements in this update is the Unified Service Desk update. Agents will now be able to access call script and process driven communications with end-users. All of the interactions can be managed from one place and you are able to easily configure and integrate many systems.

Enterprise Case Management

Start with a superior method to create and manage different customer service packages and SLA’s. Tie it in with Unified Service Desk for case management capabilities. Finally add Portable Business Logic and workflow to allow case management across device platform.

Parature enhancements

When you tie-in the already powerful structure of Dynamics CRM and Parature you get solid infrastructure that allows you to take care of you end-users through all communication channels.

Multi-Channel Service

Parature is a leading multi-channel solution with support features for customer care including Social, mobile, web self-service and Knowledge Base capabilities.

No matter what channel the end-user chooses, you have consistent look-and-feel to your business’s communication and interactions. “EasyAnswer” maximizes self-service by providing your clients resolution articles.

Of course let’s not forget the ability to chat with your clients.

Knowledge Management

Connect the right information to the right people at the same time, or separately, across any channel. You can provide rich media articles with feeds, videos, and images.

Social Service

Keep an ear on social interactions regarding your products and services.

Use social data to trigger workflows and manage situations accordingly.


With all of these new features, do not hesitate to contact us for a free 30-day demo.