Do more than track financial information. Use your data to grow your business.

Along with a growing business, comes growing pains, and the need for features, security and functionality than an entry level accounting solution can offer. In short, what previously sufficed can no longer sustain or facilitate growth.

Consider Gravity Software™ (Gravity). Gravity’s cloud accounting software is written on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (aka Microsoft Dynamics CRM) platform, providinggrowing businesses with the advantage of having their Financials and CRM fully integrated, and in the cloud. Gravity can help you streamline and simplify your business processes by utilizing the Microsoft technology you already know.

Advanced Find QuerySearch financial and CRM data with easy and intuitive navigation.
Complete Transaction Audit TrailEnjoy 360 degrees of full transparency for all activities. Easily monitor and track data changes for solid security and optimal analytics.
DashboardsThe intuitive dashboard: easy to create and customize, with full range of security, allowing you to share or not to share.
Dimensional ReportingTracking locations, events, machinery; keeping your finger on the pulse of your business.
EOS ScorecardMonitor your performance with automatic calculation of financial, operational and activity based metrics.
Full Role Based SecurityPreserve data integrity and control access to company data. Decide who can access what.
Multi-EntityCreate, set-up and maintain multiple entities, without incurring additional cost.
Multi-Location InventorySite to site. From Main to one warehouse to another. Track and know your inventory, down to the last item or component.
Segmented Chart of AccountsDefine reporting structure, with easy set-up of departments, profit centers and divisions.

If you’re currently relying on an entry level accounting software like QuickBooks, consider Gravity’s cloud -based software. Cloud based business systems have more redundancy and security than a small business could pay for on its own. There is no need to purchase hardware or manage a complex infrastructure.   

And, if your business already has Microsoft Dynamics 365 you’re halfway there. Let Slickdata upgrade your business to Gravity’s cloud-based solution so you can consolidate all of your data into one efficient, functional database.  Gravity’s Accounting CRM software facilitates easy navigation from Gravity’s back office financial business solution to front offices Sales, Service and Marketing.  Move your business forward with Gravity Software. The technology just works! For answers to any questions, call us at 609-736-0036. Also visit Gravity Software at .